Sleep company offers Brits chance to count real-life sheep in science-backed sleep experience

  • Brits turning to escapism to help sleep, with visualisation techniques, like counting sheep, found to be most popular remedy
  • World’s first ‘Shleep Sanctuary’ getaway experience will give ‘best night’s rest’ in cosy dome surrounded by friendly numbered sheep, with world-leading sleep products 
  • Almost half of Brits struggled to sleep in 2022, getting an average of 20% less than NHS-recommended 7 hours 

London, UK, 22 September 2022: A unique ‘shleep’ retreat has been unveiled today for sleep weary Brits, which brings real life sheep-counting and world-leading sleep science together, after research reveals that almost a quarter (23%) of the nation are sleeping worse this year than before, with almost half (44%) experiencing sleep problems in 2022.

The world first staycation experience, by Emma Sleep, can host two guests overnight in a custom, private sleep dome, with views across rolling Sussex hills, surrounded by sleep-inducing numbered sheep and a guided experience that brings sleep science and nature together for the ultimate transformative rest.

Guests will enjoy a ‘sheep-and-greet’ welcome, and be guided on effective ‘Sheep Sleep’ from the comfort of a king-sized state-of-the-art bed, following a relaxing dinner under the stars. After enjoying a host of gifted sleep goodies and the perfect night’s shleep, they’ll wake up from their slumber to guided wake-up yoga and a hamper of locally-sourced breakfast treats.

Brits can register their interest to win the chance to stay at the Shleep Sanctuary with a guest of their choice by heading here to submit their details, with guests being selected later this year.

The experience has been revealed alongside new research which reveals that one in ten (10%) Brits say they can’t remember the last time they had a decent night’s sleep, with 2022 bringing significant sleep issues, as over one in five (21%) say they have lost more sleep this year than previous years. Leading causes for sleep issues include the cost of living crisis (21%), and worrying about work (23%).

And it appears that the UK is escaping the world to help them doze off – with the method of visualising a story or experience, like sheep-counting, the most popular (14%). With sheep-counting proving as popular as ever, and with almost a quarter of the UK feeling that fresh air (23%), as well as the sound of nature (19%), would help them sleep, Emma hopes to offer the best night’s rest for tired Brits with a science-backed ‘shleep’ experience.

Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO at Emma – The Sleep Company, said: “The power of a good night’s sleep can’t be underestimated and it’s clear that the nation needs it now more than ever. 

“Counting sheep is more than an old wives’ tale – it’s a tried-and-tested visualisation technique that Brits are relying on to send them to sleep. They’re also longing for a serene and peaceful environment to drift off in when they’re struggling to relax, which is incredibly important for sleep quality.

“We hope that by bringing this to life with our Shleep Sanctuary, and combining it with Emma’s award-winning sleep technology, we will help our guests wake up to a great day.”

Theresa Schnorbach, Sleep Scientist at Emma, said: “ When practised regularly, these kinds of exercises have been proven to lower the heart rate by encouraging slower breathing and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. 

“Imaginative distraction is also an effective cognitive strategy to help sleep, where you imagine a pleasant and relaxing image in as much detail as you possibly can – like counting fluffy sheep as they jump over a fence.

“The aim is to use as much cognitive capacity as possible so that worrying thoughts are suppressed. Studies show this not only shortens the time it takes to fall asleep but also improves sleep quality.” 


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Notes to Editor

The research was commissioned by Emma Sleep, through OnePoll in a nationally representative survey of 2,000 UK adults in September 2022.

About Emma – The Sleep Company:

Emma – The Sleep Company is a founder-managed company and the world’s leading Direct-to-consumer sleep brand. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Mueller in Germany, the company is active in more than 30 countries and achieved a turnover of EUR 645 million (USD 733 million) in 2021, a growth rate of 59 percent from the previous year. Emma® products are sold via an omnichannel approach, including D2C/online, marketplaces, and more than 3,500 brick-and-mortar stores. Emma successfully collaborates with over 200 retailers. Emma’s 850+ team members are working across the world, with offices in Frankfurt (Germany), Manila (Philippines), Lisbon (Portugal), Mexico City (Mexico), and Shanghai (China).

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