Emma — The Sleep Company to make dreams come true by launching Emma Sleep Holidays

  • Emma is the first sleep company to launch its own range of secluded sleep holidays — which will be bookable later in 2023
  • Emma’s research reveals that 77% of people dream of going on a sleep holiday, and 98% of people consider good sleep to be a vital part of a holiday
  • One lucky winner will be chosen to go on the first ever Emma Sleep Holiday this summer

Emma — The Sleep Company, the world’s largest D2C sleep brand, is launching its own range of secluded sleep holidays, as the summer season officially begins and the global sleep tourism trend gathers pace. Independent research, carried out with Appinio, showed that 77% of participants would love to go on a sleep holiday, but only 18% have tried one in the past. The research also found that 98% of people consider good sleep to be a vital component of a holiday, and that 79% of respondents enjoy better sleep in the countryside compared to the city. Furthermore, Appinio and Emma discovered that the item people miss the most when they go on holiday is their bed (41%).

What is a sleep holiday?

Sleep holidays are the latest tourism trend where rest and rejuvenation are the core elements of the getaway. They provide an escape from daily routines by immersing holidaymakers in natural, peaceful, and secluded environments that promote relaxation and restoration. For Emma’s Sleep Experts, a sleep holiday has a wide range of health benefits. Several scientific studies indicate that exposure to natural environments improves sleep quality thanks to improved hormone balance. For example, natural settings decrease cortisol levels. — the primary stress hormone — thereby improving sleep and overall well-being.

“Sleep tourism helps people step away from daily stressors and rediscover the essential need for restful sleep” said Theresa Schnorbach, Sleep Research Team Lead from Emma – The Sleep Company. “By prioritising relaxation and having the chance to connect with nature, individuals can achieve better cognitive function, emotional balance, and overall well-being during a sleep holiday.”

Introducing Emma Sleep Holidays

Emma is the world’s first sleep brand to its own range of sleep holidays, which will be bookable later in 2023. Emma Sleep Holidays will include a wide range of locations designed to promote rest and relaxation, and properties kitted out with Emma’s award-winning sleep products. To mark the launch, Emma is launching a global competition to give one lucky participant the chance to win the very first Emma Sleep Holiday. People can enter to win here by guessing the correct country shown in the photos. The winner will be announced on 12th July 2023.

Notes to Editors

3,000 adults surveyed in June 2023.

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